2014 edition of the Cavendish in Monaco is on his way, the prestigious tournament will be under starter’s orders only by September 1st but what is already certain is that it will be “ a grand cru”.

On July the 11th, 74 players registered in the open pairs, among the last entries some names are flashing:
For Israel, Alon Birman and Dnor Padon , members of the team that just won the open team European championship
For Bulgaria, Igor Nanev and Rossen Gunev, the winners of the 2013 Cavendish in Monaco.

In the Ladies pairs we have noted the registrations of:
For England Sally Brock and Nicola Smith,whose team was beaten by a whisker for the European Ladies championship title in Croatia last month
An international combination which could be the top price of the auctions: French world champion Catherine d’Ovidio and an other member of the English team Nevena Senior

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D-60 for CAVENDISH 2014

Breaking news is that Zia Mahmood will be there , both as a player, partnered with Danish champion Dennis Bilde and as Master of ceremonies , very much appreciated, during the auctions
With already 12 teams registered we have no doubt that this be well over last year participation. ( 24 teams)
Last year winning team , an association Sweden-Netherlands under captaincy of Jan Kamras, have not yet confirmed to play but the finalist, the Irish national team will try to do one plac better.
The very strong squad from Monaco will seek for a revenge after their last year disappointing performance.

Ladies pairs
This event was launched for the first time last year. It was announced rather late : 16 pairs took part. This record will be well beaten as 10 pairs have already registered. Ladies pairs was won in 2013 by Babette Hugon and Nathalie Frey for France. They will come back , but with different partners, Deborah Compagnono facing Babette, and Nathalie will played with her historical partner Vanessa Reess . 2013 runners up Jovi Smederevac and Johanna Néve will try do better .Israel will try for areal takeover bid with already 3 pairs announced. Other big names are waited for

Open pairs
Of course, the main event of the week, . We know for sure 32 pairs.Note than 60pairs played in the 2013 edition
Most of French and Polish stars are announced.
Irish national team will be there, Forrester Robson from England and, of course ,the .3 pairs usually playing for Monaco will be in the Principality end of August .as well as Russian duo Andrei Gromov and Alexander Dubinin.

Cavendish gives chance for players from all over the world to meet but, sometimes, also to play together as Juan-Carlos Ventin- Argentina and Frederic Wrang-Sweden

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