The third Cavendish in Monaco gave some unexpected results.

The choices expressed by the auction were not always the right ones .

N°1 rated Helgemo Helness had to be satisfied with second place in Final B, won by the Russian pair Gromov Dubinin.

N°2 highest bid went to Fantoni Nunes , They were also second but in Final C , won by the Norwegians Austberg-Berg.

Last year ‘s winners, Nanev and Gunev did not qualify for final A and finished 8th in final B.

The winners
Finally the 2014 Open Pairs Cavendish went to the Poles Krystof Buras and Gregorz Narkiewicz with overhelming superiority over the field.

The first four highest bids in the Ladies pairs qualified for final A.

The odds on favorites Marion Michielsen and Meike Wortel led most of the way but had to bow to both the Israeli sisters Dana and Noga Tal, (the 9th pair according the bid during the auction).and to the Polish pair Anne Sarniak and Cathy Badysz, second.

Final B winners were Barbara Hackett (GB) with Mathilda Popilov(Israel)