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    2015 October 19th and 20th

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    2015 October 21st, 22nd and 23rd

Good Bye to "le Sporting d’hiver”, welcome to “le Fairmont”

After the demolition of ”le Sporting d’Hiver” , the 4th edition of the Cavendish in Monaco had to find a new site. The secret had been well kept but it was worth waiting. The superb 4 stars Hotel Fairmont will be the Cavendish 2015 next home.

At the famous hairpin bend of Monte-Carlo Grand Prix, a mere 300 meters from “la Place du Casino”, this hotel offering 602 rooms is overhanging the sea.
2 restaurants, a shopping center, a spa, a water pool are available, not to mention the huge Casino room with roulettes, craps, blackjack, slot machines... the Fairmont is a small luxurious village by itself!

Interview with Catherine D'Ovidio

Catherine D'OvidioPlease give us three good reasons why you love the Cavendish.
The opportunity to play versus the best pairs in the world, to change partner every year, to play bridge in a wonderful town and to go dinner every night in magic places.

Would you change something in the Cavendish?

The Cavendish Ladies was introduced in 2013. What do you think about this competition?
It was necessary.

Do you like the formula?
Yes, but I would like best something more long-lasting.

You played both the editions of the Cavendish Ladies. In 2013, you played with Disa Eythorsdottir and you placed third. In 2014, you played with Nevena Senior. In 2015, you are going to play with Nathalie Frey. Why do you change partner so often?
I think this tournament is just ideal for this! Playing with new partners every year, people who I appreciate in life but rarely have other opportunities to play with.

Last year, during the auction, you and Nevena were "sold" at the second top price of the Cavendish Ladies circuit: 14,000 Euros! What was you feeling about this?
Our reputation played a role in this, Nevena has European and World titles and I was the first player in the World women ranking.

Has being sold for so much money increased the anxiety?
No, but at the end the frustration is bigger when you don't get a good result.

Have you also been a "buyer"? Have you ever bought a (or a part of) pair in the past editions?
I bought a part of a pair but more for friendship than for the idea of gaining money.

Would you prefer playing in the Cavendish Open instead?
Yes, even if I think that my chances to win are next to 0... 

If you could choose a player (among all the players in the world) for the Cavendish Open, who would you choose?
Giorgio Duboin.

You won many championships and you are European and World champion. Which victory was more satisfying for you and why?
My first European title in 1985. I was 26, and I was playing for the first time in the French National team and we won with 25 imps over the runners-up...

After so many victories, do you still feel the yearning for victory? What is your next goal?
The yearning for victory is always there and after a two years break I will come back in 2016 and I hope to play in the French National team to try to win the European Championships and why not the Venice Cup in Lyon in 2017?

Who are in your opinion the three best women players in the world?
Sabine Auken (but she does not play anymore in the Women serie), Marion Michielsen, Sally Brock or Nicola Smith…. Sorry if I forgot somebody :)

After two sabbatical years in the international championships, who are you going to play with?
My new partner is Nathalie Frey.

You never play with your husband, a very good player. Why?
For a couple, it is difficult to play together, we play one event per year together but my husband does not want to play more competitions. 


Polish girls @Cavendish Ladies!

Katarzyna Dufrat & Justyna Zmuda and Cathy Baldysz & Anna Sarniak got amazing results in the first two editions of the Cavendish Ladies.

They will now attend the third edition of the Cavendish Ladies. Will they get the craved victory?