Monaco Teams Cavendish

Mise à jour au 15 octobre 2012


1A. Each team may consist of 4, 5 or 6 players, all of whom must be listed on the official entry form. There is no minimum play requirement.

1B. Each entry will be submitted to the agreement of the Tournament Committee.

1C. The entry fee for the 2012 edition is : 7500 Euros per team.

1D. The Tournament Committee will have the right to refuse any entry submitted after Friday October 12th.


2A. The Monaco Team Cavendish will be played in four sessions, starting on Monday October 15th at 10.00 am, continuing Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. Starting times for the second and third sessions will be announced on the floor.

2B. The formula of the Monaco Teams Cavendish will be:

  • Swiss Tournament with 7 rounds of 10 boards,
  • After 7 rounds, Teams 1 & 2 play the Final (2 * 10 boards), with carry-over,
  • After 7 rounds, the other teams play 2 more rounds of 10 boards (Swiss-Danish).

2C. The Scoring system will be :

  • the EBL scoring system for the considered number of boards, converting scored IMPs to Victory Points (from 25 to 0),

2D. Screens, bidding boxes, bridgemates will be used. For each match, duplicated boards will be played across the field to equalize the opportunities of swings.

2E. The final standings shall be determined by the total of Victory Points won by the teams entered. In the event of a tie for the first place at the end of the qualification I.R. index will be use. In case of tie in the final the team witch won the qualification will be the winner. Ties for other overall placings will share the available prize money.


The events will be conducted in accordance with the latest edition of the Laws of Duplicate Bridge (The Laws).

All systems approved by the EBL, for its Open Transnational Teams Championships (like Poznan 2011, Championships of Category III) are allowed, but no others. In general, any convention that would require long time to explain and written defenses is not respecting the spirit of this Monaco Teams Cavendish and will be barred.

If there is any question about the acceptability of a system, it must be approved by the Tournament Committee before the start of play.


4A. Tardiness : A team is required to seat a complete foursome within 5 minutes of the announced starting time. Failure to do so will result in a penalty of three (3) IMPs being given to the non-offending team for each five-minute segment of lateness. The Tournament Committee may appoint a substitute, or substitutes, until the tardy member(s) arrive, and the match may be curtailed by one or more boards unless the Chief Director determines that there is sufficient time to complete the full match. These penalties may be increased for repeated offenses.

4B. Talking : Pairs are not allowed to discuss a hand during the course of a match. A player making a remark that, in the judgment of a director, might be overheard at another table, will be penalized of three (3) Victory Points for each violation. These penalties are automatic and non appealable.

4C. End of play : Players are free to leave the playing area when they conclude each match, but are prohibited from comparing results in the playing area. Any pair or team detected doing so will be assessed automatic, non appealable penalties, as in 4B.

4D. Slow play : The allowed time for each match will be calculated on the basis of 8,5 minutes per board, plus 5 minutes. Failure to complete a match within that limit shall subject both teams to a penalty of three (3) Victory Points, unless a pair has notified a Director of slow play by their opponents. If a match is not completed within 5 minutes after the allowed time, unplayed boards will be curtailed.

The following matches of each session may not begin until play for the previous match has been completed at all tables.

4E. Other cases : The EBL Competitions Code will be used by the Tournament Directors to solve any situation.

4F. Appeals : Other than penalties specified in 4A, 4B, 4C and 4D above, a Director’s ruling may be appealed to an Appeals Committee designated by the Tournament Committee. The decision of the Appeals Committee shall be final.


The Prize Pool and its repartition will be published at the latest before the second session. General principles are :

  • Organization keeps around 10% of the Entry fees, in order to cover expenses.
  • Prizes are shared between around 30% of the teams.
  • If the number of prices is 3, sharing will be 50%, 33%, 17%,
  • If the number of prices is 4, sharing will be 45%, 25%, 17,5%, 12,5%.
  • If the number of prices is 5, sharing will be 42,5%, 22,5%, 15%, 10%, 10%.
  • If the number of “American teams” (at least 3 players) is higher than 3, and if none of them gets a prize from the final ranking, the first “American team” will get a special price, whose amount or value or form will be précised later.


6A. Kibitzers : kibitzers will be allowed in the playing rooms, but they will be permitted to enter the room only at the beginning of a match.

6B. Smoking : Players and kibitzers may not smoke in the playing area.

6C. Dress code : Players and kibitzers are expected to dress properly. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to redress an infraction to these provisions in any manner it deems appropriate, and to rule on any matter not specified in these Conditions.

6D. Electronic devices : absolutely no electronic devices (mobile phones, I-pads, …) capable of sending or receiving signals (other than hearing aids) may be brought into the playing rooms under any circumstances. This applies to kibitzers as well as players.

6E. The Tournament Committee will decide on acceptability of substitutes, should the need arise.

6F. Any of the above notwithstanding, the Tournament Committee may take any action it deems necessary for the health and well-being of this event and its participants.


Information and contacts

Jean-Charles Allavena, President of the FMB.
Email : – Cell : +33 6 80 86 91 03

Donna Compton
Email : - Cell : +1 214 394 5830